Welcome to the Airsoft Alliance's website.

Please excuse the website as it's under construction. To participate in the airsoft alliance please visit our discord.

Do you want to help our cause? You can do so by playing airsoft in a safe and fun manner.


The mission of the Airsoft Alliance is to create and uphold a safe environment for airsoft via regulations, standards, and frameworks and to foster amateur and professional airsoft competitions and be the athoritive source of knowledgeable information about airsoft.

Alliance Projects

Alliance Assoication

The Alliance Association is the direct advocate for its members in the Airsoft Alliance, which is a seperate organization whose mission is to advance airsoft for its members, mediate disputes between members and to be the sole governing body of its members.

Alliance Standards

The Alliance Standards is one of the core projects of the AIrsoft Alliance, the standards are the rules, regulations, framework and procedures to be used by members of the Airsoft Alliance Assoication, the Airsoft Alliance League, and the Airsoft Alliance Events.

Alliance Database

The Airsoft Alliance Database is a second core project of the Airsoft Alliance, it servers to be the official repositories of accurate information on airsoft, and host the offical airsoft alliance standards text.

Alliance League

The Airsoft Alliance League is a seperate organization of the Airsoft Alliance whose sole mission is to promote amature, semi-professional and professional airsoft in a league enviorment, enforcing the standards of the Airsoft Alliance in the league and determing the rankings of members of the Airsoft Alliance Assoication who participates in the league.

Alliance Events

The Airsoft Alliance Events is one of the primairy ways members of the Airsoft Alliance Association can experience airsoft events hosted, operated, run or approved by the Airsoft Alliance. The Airsoft Alliance Events is a seperate organization that handles event productions on behalf of the alliance.